The importance of sleep and a night time routine

I know I know I sound like your mum when you were little, but plenty of sleep is so so important. What did your mums tell you to get you to go to bed? That the boogie man would come after a certain time of night if you weren’t in bed or you need sleep to make your bones grow? Well whatever she said although we now know it may not have been entirely true the principle wasn’t wrong at all, we all need to get a good night sleep each night to function properly the next day for your body to recuperate and for your mind to rest. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

I personally have a terrible night time routine, I spend too much time on my phone before bed and I have too many work thoughts, remembering things I need to do the next day and creating to do lists in my mind so I find I need a little help drifting off sometimes. Recently I have been finding listening to relaxing music on youtube really helpful and although I’m not one of those people that like to listen to the rain or a thunderstorm there are some really soothing sounds that help me to let go of the thoughts and relax into sleep.  I also find scents really helpful and this pomegranate pillow mist by The White Company now reminds me of bedtime and sleeping and really relaxes me. Unfortunately this particular pillow mist was a limited edition but they do have the home spray in the same scent and although it’s just a little bit stronger it has exactly the same affect. What things help you to fall asleep? Do you have a set nighttime routine that you always stick to?


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