The Importance of skincare

Skincare is so so important and unfortunately the first thing that tends to be forgotten about. It’s too time consuming or people don’t really know what the best products are to use. That was me, I spent a long long time just using face wipes at night and nothing else and wondering why I had such dry, dehydrated skin.

I have tried a lot of different moistures, day and night ones and medicated ones and for a while I thought I’d found the solution, it made my make up look better day to day but it was a heavy and thick moisturiser that left my skin clogged and more prone to break outs.

The key thing is to get into a routine, I now have a set night time routine of cleansing and toning whether I’ve been wearing makeup or not and finishing with moisturising and my skin has never been better. I still have a way to go but it’s a vast improvement. I’ve tried quite a few products and different brands to find one that is suitable for me and at the minute I have two favourites. The Clarins cleanser, toner and moisturiser and NuSkin 180 face wash – NuSkin are a brand I’ve just partnered with and having tried their products I am completely converted and can’t wait to try more. If you’d like to learn more about the brand or products please feel free to visit my facebook or Instagram page.

Do you have any specific products or parts to your daily skincare routine you couldn’t be without? 🙂 Xx


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