Haircare – part 1

I’ve posted about my hair care game changers previously and since then I have found some extra haircare hero’s and changed up my whole haircare routine so I wanted to start a mini haircare series so here goes…..

As many of you will know I love having my hair long but my hair is so fine it’s difficult as it ends up looking wispy, thin and see through at the ends. So because of this I have spent years and years wearing hair extensions trying different brands and methods including bonds, loops, microloops, tapes etc and for the last couple of years I have used the easilocks hair extensions which I have to say were the best I have tried! However during lockdown with not being able to have my hair extensions I looked into a way to grow my natural hair in a healthy way to get to a length I like without the need for the extensions – I’m not there yet but I am slowly getting there.

I came across Philip Kingsley and decided to arrange a consultation (via zoom) with one of their tricologists – I filled out a very comprehensive form before the call and sent pictures and then on the call we talked about my hair concerns and I was recommended some products to use to help with my main concerns.

I was recommended the body building shampoo and conditioner, the elasticizer and H1 scalp treatment and the maximizer and perfecting primer. When put together these products are magic! The shampoo and conditioner are the best products I have ever tried for leaving my hair with a slightly thicker appearance while feeling lighter – since using these I almost feel like other shampoo and conditioner’s leave my hair quite heavy and flat to my head. The body building shampoo and conditioner are a combo that I will now never change!

The Elasticizer is also now a staple product but I’ll share more on that in my next post….

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