Best Skincare products and tips for dry skin

If you’ve read my previous posts you will know that I have always suffered from dry skin and being in lockdown certainly didn’t help with that at all. My skin has been worse than terrible, super dry, itchy, flaky and just awful. So with this in mind I thought it can’t only be me feeling like this so I wanted to share some of my tips and skincare that has worked to make my skin better – so here is some amazing skincare you need to try and some tips, thank me later 🙂

Tip 1 – Don’t forget your skincare routine. This is one of the things that I think we have all struggled with. Because we aren’t wearing makeup the routine of cleanse, tone moisturise in the morning before makeup and again in the evening has fallen away but our skin still needs it!

Tip 2 – use the correct products for your skin type. It can be tricky to know which products to use so make sure you do your research. I have been using products from Evolve Beauty and they are fantastic!! Their gentle cleansing melt is incredible – It’s a natural, vegan, eco friendly, cruelty free cleansing balm that turns to a milk when you combine with water, I’ve never used anything quite like it and I don’t think I will ever use anything else to take my makeup off now. Usually after washing my face the skin feels dry and tight and I can’t get to my moisturiser quick enough but I don’t get that feeling with this product at all! I’ve also been using their daily defence moisture mist and multi peptide 360 moisture cream both incredible for my dry skin, and actually even leave my skin glowy which is new for me.

Tip 3 – Drink water. It’s so easy to forget to drink water every day and to only drink tea and coffee which is known to dehydrate your skin.

Tip 4 – Exfoliate. Don’t think that because your skin is dry you shouldn’t exfoliate, this is still necessary to remove dead skin cells from the surface.

How has your skin been in lockdown? Do you have any skincare concerns?

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  1. April 25, 2020 / 10:04 pm

    OMG. I have definitely been slacking with my skin care since quarantine started. Like you said, since we’re not wearing makeup, it’s easy to skip our skin care routine. I definitely need to get back to cleansing and moisturizing at night. So, thank you for the reminder. Loved these tips.

    Much love always,

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